From near-space vehicles, flying dinosaurs, UAV electronics, UAV airframe component design and analysis, we've done it all. Nimble, thorough and relentless to get the job done right, RCATS Services will help you navigate the challenges of your next project.
Consulting - Sometimes, that idea needs outside help. We've helped provide solutions for a variety of unmanned systems, vehicles, and unique projects. Let our resources help you.

UAV Integration - Rapid integration of components, flight test hardware, and systems integration are no stranger to us.

UAV Piloting and Testing - Specializing in unconventional aircraft, we have experience piloting unmanned vehicles of various sizes and backgrounds. From 2ft to 114ft span, we've flown various aircraft from military bases and restricted areas for customers at altitudes up to FL600 and beyond.

Research and Development - Every system and design goes through stages. Do you need help getting an idea off the ground? We can assist with proof of concept ideas and getting that "picture" put into reality, or even trying to help solve that nagging problem in the lab.

Custom Design - Need an electrical device designed in a reasonable timeframe? We like a good challenge and many ideas spring forth from collaborations.

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